Normally I suggest 6 to 8 weeks prior to your Wedding day we do a trial. I would allow 2 and ½ hours approx for hair and makeup. Hair alone 2 hours and 1 hour for makeup only. The trial takes a little longer as we need to discuss ideas and colors etc.

Suggestions to bring for trials: Color swatches of bridesmaids dresses, head piece, veil, photo or picture of wedding dress, ideas, pictures of hairstyles and makeup looks are of the utmost importance so as we can work together to achieve the look you would like. I am there to help and guide you all the way.

On the Day

  • Arrive 30mins prior to start time to set up.

  • Allow 1 hour per person for hair.

  • Allow 45mins per person for makeup.

I don’t treat all Weddings the same, so sometimes I may need extra time to achieve the look you require. Once I have done the trial I will get a better idea what is involved and how much time is needed. Hair is usually best if washed the night before.

Makeup I use is   de Chabre. Primers are used before makeup application to help your makeup last all day. Individual lashes or Strip lashes are used if wanted or required at an extra cost.